For many e-commerce businesses email data is the most valuable asset. The email is with mobile phone a more loved way to be inspired than ever before.

So email is old-fashioned? Well, if you think this you are wrong. Email has never been as powerful a tool to activate people in large scale for pretty much any business.

For many e-commerce businesses email are simply a necessity for running a profitable store. In som e-commerce area such as Daily Deals, e-mail has historically delivered way over 50 % of all sales for very many sites.

How emails are becoming smarter

The way a lot of e-commerce businesses have used email is to just broadcast to everybody on their list with the same offer. Maybe two times per day sometimes.

That’s old-fashioned. And the downsides are that people will hate the newsletters and the churn-rates are high, while the open and click rates go down, down down.

But there are a tendency that more even small and medium sized e-commerce businesses are becoming smarter.

One way of becoming smart is to look at e-commerce emails as 1:1 instead of 1:many. Automation, and events triggered emails are more important than ever.  The thing is, that email has to be relevant. Really relevant.

Send relevant 1:1 emails

Relevant emails are almost always triggered by an one or many events that are being tracked. This could be pages visited, cart abandoned, purchase history, open rate, what device the person most often opens from and so on. Using these events can result in emails that deliver a 15X result per sent email – and a 15X lower churn rate. In fact, people will begin to like you and your service if you treat them well.

And that’s good business for everybody.